Master Yoo expects that his students will follow these Home Rules all the time.  Not just knowing them for testing, but knowing them all the time and doing their best to try and follow them.
We believe that incorporating these rules into your daily life build a strong respect for self and others.
Master Yoo will check these during belt testing and may also ask parents how the students are doing with them at home.  Additionally at times Master Yoo may check these during classes as well.

1.  I will greet my parents and elders when I enter the house and say good-bye when I leave.

2. I will at all times be truthful and respectful.

3. I will always be kind to my brothers, sisters and friends.

4. I will help with household chores

5. I will keep my room clean.

6. I will not interrupt adult conversations

7. I will diligently study my school work both at school and at home.

8. I will always finish what I have started.

**If a student fails to follow these Home Rules, they may be reduced in rank by Master Yoo**